Arrikto’s Kubeflow and MLOps Community Roundup – Oct 12, 2021

Kubeflow and MLOps Community Round Up August 2021

Need to catch up on what happened in the Arrikto and Kubeflow community in September? Arrikto has got you covered.

Latest Arrikto Blogs and Videos

Here’s a sample of the latest Arrikto blogs and videos that were posted in the last few weeks.



Kubeflow Community Roundup


At the end of September the Kubeflow Slack channel was 6,230 members strong! (For those of you playing along at home, that’s an increase of 120 members over last month.) If you work at Slack (or know who to contact), we’d love to expand the 10,000 message limit for this server. Please DM @Mathew Wicks on Slack if you think you can help.


Here’s the Sept GitHub stats for a few of the various Kubeflow projects we contribute to and track here at Arrikto.

  • Kubeflow: 236 contributors, 10,762 stars.  48 new issues
  • Pipelines: 170 new issues
  • Katib: 39 new issues
  • Kfserving: 43 new issues
  • Manifests: 40 new issues

Community Resources

We’ve collected all the Kubeflow and MiniKF tutorials, videos, Meetups, workshops and documentation links you need to get started all in one place. Check out the “Community Resources” page!

Mailing List

If you are looking for Kubeflow discussions via email, subscribe to the kubeflow-discuss mailing list.

Workshops, Meetups, Events and Community Calls

FREE Workshops

We are excited to announce that Arrikto is making available a FREE, virtual 60 minute Kubeflow and MLOps workshop!

The workshop covers basic and advanced topics related to Kubeflow, MiniKF, Rok, Katib and KFServing. In the workshop you’ll gain a solid understanding of how these components can work together to help you bring machine learning models to production faster. Click to schedule a private workshop for your team, or register for our monthly community workshop happening on October 28.

Kubeflow and MLOps Meetup


It’s still too early for us to get together in person, but it doesn’t mean we can’t get together virtually to learn and discuss topics related to Kubeflow and MLOps! Arrikto has taken the initiative to set up a network of a dozen vendor neutral “Data Science, Machine Learning, MLOps and Kubeflow” Meetups in several major metros. Over 800 community members have already signed up!

Join a Meetup near you and check out the calendar of upcoming talks. The next Meetup is happening on Nov 4 and will feature talks from VMWare and Red Hat.

Are you interested in speaking at a future Meetup?
Is your company interested in sponsoring a Meetup?
Would you like to be a co-organizer of a local Meetup? Send one of the organizers/hosts a message on!

Kubernetes AI DAY North America 2021


Mark your calendars for the upcoming KubeCon North America conference happening Oct 11-15 in Los Angeles. Given the circumstances it will be a hybrid event, with opportunities to participate both in person and virtually. Arrikto is excited to once again be a sponsor of “Kubernetes AI Day”  happening on Oct 12 as a co-located event. Make sure to register for this event! There’s two Kubeflow talks being presented by Arrikto at the conference, you can check them out here:

Community Call

Reminder! The Kubeflow community call happens every Tuesday. This call alternates weekly between US East/EMEA and US West/APAC friendly times. Joining the kubeflow-discuss mailing list will automatically send you calendar invitations for the meetings, or you can subscribe to the community meeting calendar above.

Arrikto’s Commitment to the Kubeflow Community

At Arrikto, we are active members of the Kubeflow community having made significant contributions to the latest 1.4 release. Our projects/products include:

  • Kubeflow as a Service is the easiest way to get started with Kubeflow in minutes! It comes with a Free 7-day trial (no credit card required).
  • Enterprise Kubeflow (EKF) is a complete machine learning operations platform that simplifies, accelerates, and secures the machine learning model development life cycle with Kubeflow.
  • Rok is a data management solution for Kubeflow. Rok’s built-in Kubeflow integration simplifies operations and increases performance, while enabling data versioning, packaging, and secure sharing across teams and cloud boundaries.
  • Kale, a workflow tool for Kubeflow, which orchestrates all of Kubeflow’s components seamlessly.

We are hiring!

Arrikto is a fast growing company with offices in San Mateo, CA and Athens, Greece. We are looking for developer relations engineers in the US, APAC and EMEA regions to join the Arrikto team. You can learn more about the DevRel position and apply here.

We also have plenty of other open positions at Arrikto. Check them out.

What’s Next?

Free Technical Workshop

Turbocharge your team’s Kubeflow and MLOps skills with a free workshop.