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Welcome to the Kubeflow and MiniKF Community!

Install Kubeflow

MiniKF is the simplest way to get started with Kubeflow

Install MiniKF on AWS

Install MiniKF on GCP

Get Help

Questions about Kubeflow or MiniKF? Join the Kubeflow Community.


  • General questions? Try the #general channel
  • Questions about MiniKF?  Try the #miniKF channel
  • Questions about Kale?  Try the #kale channel
  • Kubeflow mailing list

Read the Docs

Read the official Kubeflow and Arrikto documentation


Hands-on Tutorials

Get started with these hands-on, practical tutorials.

Tutorial 1:

An End-to-End ML Workflow: From Notebook to Kubeflow Pipelines with MiniKF & Kale

Tutorial 2:

Build An End-to-End ML Workflow: From Notebook to HP Tuning to Kubeflow Pipelines with Kale

Tutorial 3:

Build an ML pipeline with hyperparameter tuning and serve the model starting from a notebook

Tutorial 4:

Build an AutoML workflow starting from a notebook

Tutorial 5:

Distributed training on Kubernetes made easy with Kubeflow, Kale, and PyTorch

Request a Private Kubeflow and MLOps Workshop for your Team

Schedule a 60 minute virtual workshop with an Arrikto solution architect. In this workshop your team will gain a good understanding of the following:


  • How to install Kubeflow via MiniKF locally or on a public cloud
  • Take a snapshot of your notebook
  • Clone the snapshot to recreate the exact same environment
  • Create a pipeline starting from a Jupyter notebook
  • Go back in time using Rok. Reproduce a step of the pipeline and view it from inside your notebook
  • Create a Katib experiment starting from your notebook
  • Create an AutoML experiment
  • Serve a model from inside your notebook by creating a KFServing server 
  • Create a TensorBoard server from inside your notebook and view the training logs

Join a Meetup

Join other Kubeflow and MiniKF enthusiasts virtually or in-person.

Report Issues

Found an issue? Report in the appropriate Kubeflow GitHub repository.


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