Kubeflow and MLOps Meetup Recap – Sept 2021

Kubeflow and MLOps Meetup

Last week we hosted our first “Data Science, Machine Learning and Kubeflow” Meetup. Special thanks to our speakers Josh Bottum and Joinal Ahmed. In this blog post we’ll recap some highlights from the Meetup and preview what’s next. Ok, let’s dig in.

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Thanks for voting for your favorite charity!

With the unprecedented circumstances facing our global community, Arrikto is looking for even more ways to contribute. With this in mind, we thought that in lieu of swag we could give Meetup attendees the opportunity to vote for their favorite charity and help guide our monthly donation to charitable causes. The charity that won this month’s workshop voting was Black Girls Code (a not-for-profit organization that focuses on providing technology education for African-American girls.) We are pleased to be making a donation of $250 to them on behalf of the Kubeflow community. Again, thanks to all of you who attended and voted!

What’s New in Kubeflow 1.4: Features and Roadmap Review

In this presentation, Josh Bottum, Kubeflow Community Product Manager, shared the latest updates on Kubeflow 1.4, and the current state of the community and ecosystem. He concluded his talk with a short Kubeflow demo.

To learn more about the Kubeflow roadmap check out the docs on GitHub.

ML Technical Debt: Using Kubeflow to Pay It Off Quickly

We all know that issues arising from fast-builds can take an awful lot of work to fix down the road. However, it is considerably worse for ML systems when we consider the sheer number of tools, languages, techniques and applications that can make up a typical ML workflow. Choosing the best tooling out of hundreds of options and then bringing them together to work seamlessly is a data scientist’s nightmare, especially with the heightened pressure to deliver business value, quickly.

In this talk, Joinal Ahmed from Halodoc presented the real world issues he’s encountered while working as a Data Scientist in fast moving ML teams at companies like Halodoc, Onepanel and Leadics. He also presented the various ways to solve ML technical debt, best practices and how Kubeflow can help both small teams and enterprise companies.

Upcoming October and November Meetups

We are excited to announce that we have our speakers locked in for the next two upcoming Meetups. Here’s a quick preview.

October 7, 2021

  • A Complete Introduction to Kale – Stefano Fioravanzo
  • MLOps-related talk – Salman Iqbal

November 4, 2021

  • Octant Kubeflow: Debug and Manage Kubernetes from a GUI – Liam Rathke
  • Introduction to Kubeflow: Fundamentals – Jimmy Guerrero

If you are new to Kubeflow – install MiniKF

MIniKF is the easiest way to get started with Kubeflow on the platform of your choice (AWS, GCP or locally).

Here’s the links:

Get started with Kubeflow – hands-on tutorials

Installed but don’t know where to start? Get started with these hands-on, practical Kubeflow tutorials.

FREE Kubeflow courses and certifications

We are excited to announce the first of several free instructor-led and on-demand Kubeflow courses! The “Introduction to Kubeflow” series of courses will start with the fundamentals, then go on to deeper dives of various Kubeflow components.. Each course will be delivered over Zoom with the opportunity to earn a certificate upon successful completion of an exam. To learn more, sign up for the first course.

We hope to see you at a future Meetups!

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