Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence leveraged in Telecom

Explore how Kubeflow can help Telco organizations to solve business critical operational problems and provide solutions to scale up operations by meeting the needs of its customers.
Explore use cases where machine learning is being used to help improve and solve Telco organizations needs:

Telecommunication services are an essential service in today’s digital era. All major services rely on telecommunication. There is a need for telecom providers to ensure their services are always up and running without any disruptions. The use of ML and AI have enabled telecom providers to improve their operational capabilities. This improvement provides better solutions and delivery of services that ensure customer demands are satisfied while maintaining superior customer service.

Network Optimization

Mobile networks uptime is an essential service in today’s time. With the use of ML based tools, telecom operators can now monitor network performance, predict traffic patterns, and identify when and where additional bandwidth needs to be added by zone. This helps telco companies to proactively optimize its network performance.

Predictive Maintenance
Use of ML algorithms to scan network traffic and asset performance data to build predictive models on when, where, why and how network sites or assets will break down. This helps telco companies to build maintenance and procurement plans to service these locations ensuring there is no network downtime.
Customers are looking for a personalized offer based on their requirements. Telco companies can now understand customer needs better and offer an optimized value plan for its customers taking into account usage and deploy highly targeted campaigns to provide customized solutions.
Customer Service
ML models can help automate business processes to speed up answering to customer inquiries and provide more personalized service with accuracy. Solutions and ratings over multiple interactions can help to train the models to provide a more customized response while improving NPS scores.
Telecom space is highly competitive. Telecom companies can now use dynamic pricing keeping in mind different channels and zones to provide competitive pricing based on customer preferences. In addition, predict the best time to promote in the right channel. This helps companies to acquire subscribers and ensure optimal value is generated.
Customer Churn
Cost of acquiring new customers in a competitive space is expensive. To prevent losing customers, Telco companies can now use predictive analytics to review customer churn prior to it happening and put in measures early in the customer journey to improve the service and offer to ensure customer churn is prevented.
Customer Insights
With the use of ML learning models, telco companies can now understand usage patterns and can deploy optimal network parameters based on application usage automatically. In addition, usage analytics can help telco companies to provide customized packages for its customers to better fit customer needs.
Fraud Prevention
Fraud analysis is a critical issue that is faced by telecom operators. Telco operators can now analyze patterns in huge data sets with accuracy to prevent fraudulent accounts, usage and transactions. This helps to provide better service while helping customers to identify these accounts to prevent downstream fraudulent activities.
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