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Fluid Edge Themes

You are struggling and your storage is still slow. Both on-prem and on the cloud. You are still trying to choose among a cloud vendor's block or file storage offering, a traditional appliance, or a cloud native SDS solution.

But the world has changed. You just haven't realized yet.

Storage has changed

NVMe is here. For the first time, writing and reading to/from local storage has become faster than the network

Apps have changed

Cloud native, distributed apps take care of consistency at the application layer, they assume hardware failures

Workflows have changed

Different teams need to work over multiple clouds, on-prem, and laptops in a federated and isolated manner

Stop considering decade-old architectures, which synchronously replicate over the network and span multiple locations over WAN in a single domain.

Relieve and simplify the primary, critical I/O path to make it as fast as possible

Keep only the necessary data services, moving them to the secondary path

Keep your clusters isolated with a completely federated setup


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