Kaggle’s Digit Recognizer Workshop Recap – June 8, 2022

Last week we hosted the first Kaggle’s Digit Recognizer workshop. In this blog post we’ll recap some highlights from the workshop. Ok, let’s dig in.

First, thanks for voting for your favorite charity!

With the unprecedented circumstances facing our global community, Arrikto is looking for even more ways to contribute. With this in mind, we thought that in lieu of swag we could give workshop attendees the opportunity to vote for their favorite charity and help guide our monthly donation to charitable causes. The charity that won this workshop’s voting was the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF). The NPCF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer. We are pleased to be making a donation of $100 to them on behalf of the workshop attendees. Again, thanks to all of you who attended and voted!

About the Kaggle Competition

MNIST (“Modified National Institute of Standards and Technology”) is the de facto “hello world” dataset of computer vision. Since its release in 1999, this classic dataset of handwritten images has served as the basis for benchmarking classification algorithms. As new machine learning techniques emerge, MNIST remains a reliable resource for researchers and learners alike. In this competition, your goal is to correctly identify digits from a dataset of tens of thousands of handwritten images.

What topics were covered in the workshop?

  • Overview of Kubeflow
  • Installing Kubeflow
  • About the Digit Recognizer Competition
  • Turning the Digit Recognizer competition into a Kubeflow Pipeline with the KFP SDK
  • Turning the Digit Recognizer competition into a Kubeflow Pipeline with the Kale JupyterLab extension
  • Comparing the Methods

What did I miss?

Here’s a short teaser from the 45 minute workshop where Jimmy walked folks through how to turn Kaggle’s Digit Recognizer Competition into a Kubeflow Pipeline using the KFP SDK.

Want to see more? Here’s the YouTube playlist of all the demos featured in the workshop.

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Try the Digit Recognizer Example for Yourself

If you’d like to walk through the Digit Recognizer example yourself, check out the use case on Arrikto Academy.

Missed the June 8 workshop?

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You can also sign up for the next Digit Recognizer Workshop on Aug 24 directly here.

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