Introduction to Kubeflow: Pipelines Training and Certification Recap – Oct 6, 2022

On Oct 6th we hosted the “Intro to Kubeflow: Pipelines Training and Certification” prep course. In this blog post we’ll recap some highlights from the class, plus preview what’s next. Ok, let’s dig in!

Congratulations to Ikenna Anigbogu!

The first person to earn the “Pipelines” certificate at the conclusion of the course was Ikenna Anigbogu from PwC’s Digital Services. A coupon code for the Arrikto Community Store is yours, well done!

What topics were covered in the course?

This initial course aimed to get data scientists and DevOps engineers with little or no experience familiar with the fundamentals of how Kubeflow works.

  • Kubeflow Fundamentals Review
  • Pipeline Basics and Concepts
  • Pipelines Architecture
  • Pipelines SDK and CLI
  • Navigating the Pipelines UI
  • Advanced Pipelines Topics
  • Getting Pipelines Up and Running
  • Pipelines Example: Kaggle’s Digit Recognizer
  • Pipelines Example: Kaggle’s NLP Disaster Tweets

What did I miss?

Here’s a short teaser from the 90 minute training. In this video we show you how to navigate the various Pipeline related views inside the Kubeflow UI after uploading a computer vision pipeline.

Missed the Oct 6 Kubeflow Pipelines training?

If you were unable to join us last week, you can sign up for upcoming Fundamentals, Notebooks, Pipelines and Kale/Katib courses here.

Alternatively, you can sign up for the next session on Nov 10 directly here.

More Notebooks & Pipelines Workshops

We are excited to announce a new series of FREE workshops focused on taking popular Kaggle and Udacity machine learning examples from “Notebook to Pipeline.” Registration is now open for the following workshops:

Arrikto Academy

If you are ready to put what you’ve learned into practice with hands-on labs? Then check out Arrikto Academy! On this site you’ll find a variety of FREE skills-building labs and tutorials including:

  • Kubeflow Use Cases: Kaggle OpenVaccine, Kaggle Titanic Disaster, Kaggle Blue Book for Bulldozers, Dog Breed Classification, Distributed Training, Kaggle Digit Recognizer Competition
  • Kubeflow Functionality – Kale, Katib
  • Enterprise Kubeflow Skills – Kale SDK, Rok Registry

Free Technical Workshop

Turbocharge your team’s Kubeflow and MLOps skills with a free workshop.