FREE Introduction to Kubeflow Training and Certification

Nov 10, 2022, 8:30 PΜ Pacific

Introduction to Kubeflow:

Pipeline Fundamentals

We’ll be covering the following topics in this course:

  • Kubeflow Fundamentals Review
  • Pipeline Basics and Concepts
  • Pipelines Architecture
  • Pipelines SDK and CLI
  • Navigating the Pipelines UI
  • Advanced Pipelines Topics
  • Getting Pipelines Up and Running
  • Pipelines Example: Kaggle’s Digit Recognizer
  • Pipelines Example: Kaggle’s NLP Disaster Tweets

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For whom is the “Introduction to Kubeflow” training and certification series for?

Data scientists, machine learning developers, DevOps engineers and infrastructure operators who have little or no experience with Kubeflow and want to build their knowledge step-by-step, plus test their knowledge and earn certificates along the way.

What course materials will be available?

Every participant will receive a certification prep guide, a link to take the exam, plus links to all the materials, code examples and videos used in the course.

How are instructor-led courses delivered?

Instructor-led courses are delivered over Zoom.

What are the prerequisites for this series of courses?

A basic understanding of cloud computing, Kubernetes and machine learning concepts is very helpful.

I have questions about the training and certification, where can I ask them?

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