Intro to Kubeflow: Notebooks Training and Certification Recap – Apr 27, 2022

Jupyter Notebooks Fundamentals Recap

This week we hosted a course in the FREE  “ Introduction to Kubeflow” training and certification series. This course focused on Kubeflow Notebooks, specifically JupyterLabs. In this blog post we’ll recap some highlights from the class, plus what’s next. Ok, let’s dig in.


Congratulations to Harindha Fernando!

The first person to earn the “Notebooks” certificate at the conclusion of the course was Harindha Fernando. Well done!


First, thanks for voting for your favorite charity!

With the unprecedented circumstances facing our global community, Arrikto is looking for even more ways to contribute. With this in mind, we thought that in lieu of swag we could give workshop attendees the opportunity to vote for their favorite charity and help guide our monthly donation to charitable causes. The charity that won this workshop’s voting was UNHCR. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is a global organization working to save lives, protect rights and build a better future for refugees, internally displaced communities and stateless people. This charity helps ensure that Ukrainians forced to flee their homes are sheltered and safe. We are pleased to be making a donation of $100 to them on behalf of the Kubeflow community. Again, thanks to all of you who attended and voted!


What topics were covered in the course?

This initial course aimed to get data scientists and DevOps engineers with little or no experience familiar with the fundamentals of how Kubeflow Notebooks work, how to navigate them and turn them into Pipelines using Kaggle and Udacity-based examples.

  • Kubeflow Fundamentals Review
  • Notebook Basics
  • Getting Started with Kubeflow Notebooks
  • Working with JupyterLab Notebooks
  • Jupyter Example: Titanic Disaster
  • Jupyter Example: Dog Breed Identification
  • Course Review


What did I miss?

Here’s a short teaser from the 90 minute training. In this video we walk you through the Dog Breed Classification example Notebook and convert it into a Pipeline.


Missed the Apr 27 Kubeflow Notebooks training?

If you were unable to join us last week, but would still like to attend a future training, the next “Kubeflow Notebook” training is happening on June 15, 2022. You can register here.


NEW: Advanced Kubeflow, Kubernetes Basics, Notebooks and Pipelines Workshops

We are excited to announce a new series of FREE workshops focused on taking popular Kaggle and Udacity machine learning examples from “Notebook to Pipeline.” Registration is now open for the following workshops:


Arrikto Academy

If you are ready to put what you’ve learned into practice with hands-on labs? Then check out Arrikto Academy! On this site you’ll find a variety of FREE skills-building exercises including:

  • 1. Deploying Kubeflow Pipelines with the Kale UI
  • 2. Hyperparameter Tuning in Kubeflow
  • 3. Sharing Kubeflow Snapshots



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