Data Management for Cassandra on Kubernetes

Run Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes 15x Faster

Blazing Fast Performance

  • Increase throughput up to 55x faster for read intensive workloads
  • Increase throughput up to 15x faster for write intensive workloads
  • Faster response times of up to 32x for balanced read / write workloads

Slash Cloud Compute & Storage Costs

  • Save at least 15% just on AWS EC2 instance costs
  • Reduce $/IOP on Read intensive workloads by 98%
  • Reduce $/IOP on Write intensive workloads by 22%

High Availability & Simple Operations

  • Reduce Recovery time from hours to minutes
  • High availability across Zones and Regions
  • Minimize operations overhead by using simple fast disks

Read the Joint DataStax and Arrikto Performance Report

By Christopher Bradford (DataStax Product Manager) and Chris Pavlou (Arrikto Technical Marketing Engineer)

Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes with Arrikto Rok