MiniKF is now available on Vagrant Cloud

by | March 2019

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MiniKF Announcement

System Requirements

For a smooth experience we recommend that your system meets the following requirements:

  • 12GB RAM
  • 2 CPUs
  • 50GB disk space

Supported Operating systems

MiniKF runs on all major operating systems:

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows


Before installing MiniKF, you need to have Vagrant and VirtualBox installed on your laptop.

MiniKF installation

Open a terminal on your laptop, create a new directory, switch into it, and run the following commands to install MiniKF:

vagrant init arrikto/minikf
vagrant up

MiniKF will take a few minutes to boot. When this is done, navigate to and follow the on-screen instructions to start Kubeflow and Rok.

Latest Release Notes

MiniKF 20200812.0.0

NEW! Now with brand-new support for HP tuning with Kubeflow Pipelines, Katib, and Kale New MiniKF release including Kubeflow 1.0Rok 1.0 Get MiniKF New Features Upgrade Kubeflow to latest 1.0 release with custom featuresUpgrade Rok to latest 1.0 pre-releaseKubeflow...

End-to-end example on MiniKF

Notebooks & Kubeflow Pipelines on the new MiniKF. Run an e2e ML pipeline following this tutorial.

MiniKF upgrade

Here are step-by-step instructions for upgrading from a previous version:

  1. Upgrade the MiniKF box to the latest version:
    vagrant box update
  2. Ensure you have updated to the latest version:
    vagrant box list
  3. Upgrade the vagrant-persistent-storage plugin to v0.0.47 or later:
    vagrant plugin update vagrant-persistent-storage
  4. Destroy the VM:
    vagrant destroy
  5. Remove all local state. This will remove all of your customization in MiniKF (notebooks, pipelines, Rok snapshots):
    • [Windows] del minikf-user-data.vdi
    • [Linux/macOS] rm minikf-user-data.vdi
  6. Re-create your VM:
    vagrant up

Chris Pavlou

Chris is a Technical Marketing Engineer with a strong customer focus and background in Machine Learning and cloud native applications

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