Kubeflow and MLOps Meetup

Virtual Meetup

Thursday, June 2, 2022 at 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Date: June 2, 2022 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)


  • Welcome, Announcements & Housekeeping
  • Talk 1: Introduction to Kubeflow – 10 mins

Co-organizer, Jimmy Guerrero will give a 10-min, broad overview of the open source Kubeflow MLOps platform. We’ll cover architecture, components, distributions and installation options.

  • Talk 2: Title Coming Soon!

Abstract coming soon.

Apoorva Desai is data scientist at Overhaul with expertise in computer vision, image processing and machine learning.

  • Talk 3: How to Detect Silent Failures in Machine Learning Models

The objective of the talk is to build an understanding of why and how you need to monitor ML in production. We’ll cover the taxonomy of failures based on use cases, data, characteristics of systems they interact with, and human involvement. You’ll learn the tools (both statistical and algorithmic) used in dealing with these failures, their applications, and their limits. Fact is, the world changes and data drift and concept drift lead to model degradation and losses to the business. We’ll leverage real-life use cases to showcase the importance of ML monitoring in one of the biggest industries. Finally, we’ll show you how to address this by monitoring ML performance.

Wojtek Kuberski is a co-founder of NannyML, a startup for monitoring ML models in production. He holds a Master’s Degree in AI. He previously founded and grew an AI consultancy. He likes tennis, chess, and food.

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