MiniKF 20221221.0.0

January 4, 2023

NEW! Now with Kubeflow 1.5!

New MiniKF release including:

  • Kubeflow 1.5
  • Rok 2.0.1-2-g31e0127a8

New Features

  • Upgrade Rok to version 2.0.1.
  • Upgrade Kubeflow to version 1.5.
  • Migrate to KServe 0.8 for in-cluster serving.
  • Serve models directly from notebooks and pipelines via Kale serving APIs.
  • Restore notebook from Rok snapshot with the click of a button from the Pipelines UI.
  • Enable sorting and filtering in most Kubeflow Web Apps through UIs consisting responsive tables.
  • Create “Details” pages for Notebooks and Volumes.
  • Create links between Web Apps so that one can navigate across them easily.
  • Migrate to Emissary Argo executor for Kubeflow Pipelines.
  • Upgrade Rok etcd to version 3.5.4.


  • Migrate Rok images to Debian Buster for additional security.
  • Remove many critical CVEs.
  • Extend the list of EKF components (KFP, KServe, and now Rok) that use an Istio sidecar with Istio mTLS to secure network traffic.
  • Secure EKF with Kyverno polices so that users are not able to create privileged containers from inside a Jupyter notebook.
  • Secure Kubeflow backends from in-cluster requests with kubeflow-userid header and have improved intra-cluster authorization policies.
  • Revamp notebook creation wizard to simplify notebook creation and restoration from snapshot.
  • Improve Kubeflow usability with new Arrikto skin.

Fixed Issues

  • Improve how Kale uses MLMD to pass information between steps.
  • Fix bug where Kale didn’t respect the retry strategy parameters.
  • Improve Kale logging and error reporting.
  • Fix bug in Kubeflow where Notebook Controller failed to add .status in the Notebook CRs and thus the web app would never show the notebook as ready.
  • Fix bug where PVCViewer Controller would not perform culling due to deprecated dependencies.

You can find more information about bugfixes and improvements here:

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