MiniKF 20201112.0.0

November 18, 2020

MiniKF 20201112.0.0

NEW! Now with Kubeflow 1.1, a brand-new Models UI, and a revamped Katib UI. Run complete ML workflows; from notebook to pipelines to hyperparameter tuning to serving. And it all happens with the click of a button!

New MiniKF release including

  • Kubeflow 1.1
  • Rok 1.0-pre-1005-gf28673356

New Features

  • Upgrade Rok to the latest pre-release version
  • Ship new jupyter-kale image with KFServing integration
  • Upgrade KFServing to latest version
  • Include brand-new Models UI
  • Revamp Katib UI

Known issues

  • Due to an issue with Istio, the ml-pipeline pod may be in CrashLoopBackOff after a reboot. In the rare event that this happens, you can work around it by running kubectl delete pod -n kubeflow -l app=mysql, or rebooting once more.

MiniKF is the simplest way to get started with Kubeflow and Rok on any platform

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