MiniKF 20200812.0.0

August 12, 2020

NEW! Now with brand-new support for HP tuning with Kubeflow Pipelines, Katib, and Kale

New MiniKF release including

  • Kubeflow 1.0
  • Rok 1.0

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New Features

  • Upgrade Kubeflow to latest 1.0 release with custom features
  • Upgrade Rok to latest 1.0 pre-release
  • Kubeflow Pipelines now run in the same, isolated namespace as your notebooks, and have access to the same resources
  • Kale can now orchestrate Katib and Kubeflow Pipelines so that every Katib Trial is an individual Run on KFP
  • Rok caches individual pipeline steps for enhanced performance when performing hyperparameter tuning
  • Redesigned Central Dashboard sidebar, tailored to the needs of data scientists
  • Upgrade Istio to 1.5.7
  • Expose the MiniKF dashboard at a standard https://<minikf_name>.<project> URL for seamless HTTPS support
  • Use Dex with a new Kubeflow theme for Single Sign-on both to Kubeflow and to Rok
  • Enforce Kubernetes RBAC and Istio mutual TLS for secure pod-to-pod communication

Important Changes

  • Expose the MiniKF dashboard on port 80 at a standard URL, https://<minikf_name>.<project>
  • Temporarily allow unrestricted public access to port 80 for LetsEncrypt-based SSL verification
  • Enable the cloud-platform scope for the MiniKF instance, to support working with Cloud Endpoints

Fixed Issues

  • Fix minikf-gather-logs so it can handle the problematic corner case of broken symlinks

Known issues

  • Deleting a MiniKF deployment will leave behind a Cloud Endpoint for https://<minikf_name>.<project> MiniKF will re-use it, if found, otherwise you will have to delete it manually.

MiniKF is the simplest way to get started with Kubeflow and Rok on any platform

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