MiniKF 20190918.0.0

September 18, 2019

New MiniKF release including:

  • Kubeflow v0.6.2
  • Rok v0.14-pre-648-g22c2427

New Features

  • Upgrade Kubeflow to v0.6.2
  • Upgrade Rok to latest 0.14-pre version
  • Faster, near-instantaneous snapshot restore with Rok
  • Significantly improve time for snapshotting Notebooks
  • Enable Kubeflow authentication with Istio and Dex
  • Enforce authorization for Notebooks
  • Include Rok as Snapshot Store menu item on Kubeflow dashboard

Fixed Issues

  • Various bug fixes across the board
  • Various small UX fixes in the Notebook Manager UI

Important Changes

  • This is the first release to support Kubeflow v0.6.x
  • This release extends authentication to Kubeflow as well. Previously, only access to Rok required a user to log in.

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