MiniKF 20210428.0.1

NEW! Now with Kubeflow 1.3!
Create an AutoML workflow with the click of a button. Start from a dataset, define a task, then discover, train, and optimize a model from inside your notebook automagically.

This is a maintenance release of 20210428.0.0

New MiniKF release including:

  • Kubeflow 1.3
  • Rok 1.2-pre-315-g8029fc3c1

New Features

  • Upgrade Rok to the latest pre-release version.
  • Upgrade Kubeflow to version 1.3.
  • Upgrade NVIDIA drivers to version 460.
  • Upgrade Linux Mainline Kernel to version 5.4.104.
  • Upgrade Istio to version 1.9.0.
  • Brand new TensorBoard UI for logging of training jobs.
  • Updated Katib UI for a better hyperparameter tuning experience.
  • Updated Volume Manager UI for a better experience when managing Kubernetes PVCs.
  • Updated Kubeflow Pipelines UI with the ability to manage recurring runs.
  • Updated Kale UI for an enhanced data science experience.


  • Support fine-grained authorization in Rok with Kubernetes RBAC.
  • Remove custom kernel modules, use Arrikto dm-clone module from the upstream Linux kernel.
  • Use SubjectAccessReview to authorize requests performed inside the Kubernetes cluster.
  • Improve authentication mechanism in the Rok API and client.
  • Use kustomizations for all applied manifests.
  • Use upstream NGINX controller instead of Minikube’s addon.
  • Improve pre-pulling of Docker images to auto-generate the list of images based on the kustomizations to be applied.
  • Support token-based authentication as the sole method of programmatic authentication in the Rok client and CLI.
  • Introduce pagination in the Rok UI.
  • Feature a new landing page for MiniKF on Vagrant.
  • Produce a smaller Vagrant box by excluding non-critical images from the pre-pull list.

Fixed Issues

  • Fix a bug that could lead to data corruption when snapshotting a filesystem that needs recovery.
  • Fix an issue with the Go runtime which could lead to CSI pods crashing due to max locked memory.
  • Fix an issue with Rok becoming ready after an unscheduled node reboot.
  • Fix pre-clone verification steps that could lead to errors.
  • Fix a KFP API server issue causing pod crashes if the default parameter values are empty.
  • Reduce the amount of time that the provisioning script might wait for APT in an air-gapped environment.
  • [20210428.0.1] Remove stale stopped containers from the final MiniKF image.

Known issues

  • The OpenVaccine Codelab does not currently run end-to-end inside an airgapped environment, due to an issue with the Knative Serving controller.
  • Under heavy load Kubernetes might delay starting pods even if Rok has successfully provisioned the underlying storage.