MiniKF 20201105.0.0

November 5, 2020

NEW! Now with Kubeflow 1.1 and also available on the AWS Marketplace

New MiniKF release including

  • Kubeflow 1.1
  • Rok 1.0-pre-972-ge8bd39ec7

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New Features

  • Upgrade Kubeflow to latest 1.1 release with custom features
  • Upgrade Rok to the latest pre-release version
  • Upgrade Minikube to 1.11.0
  • Upgrade Kubernetes to 1.16.15


  • New improved File Manager UI
  • Reduce disk usage by garbage collecting stale devices
  • Improve API performance by garbage collecting old snapshot tasks
  • Support deployment in air-gapped environments on AWS

Fixed Issues

  • Fix rare deadlock when running Rok GC
  • Various UI-related fixes

Known issues

  • MiniKF on AWS exposes its dashboard over HTTPS via a self-signed SSL certificate. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.