MiniKF 20200305.0.0

March 5, 2020
NEW! Now with Kubeflow 1.0 and a brand-new Volume Manager UI

New MiniKF release including:

New Features

  • Upgrade Kubeflow to 1.0
  • Volume Manager UI that allows users to drag-n-drop files into containers, and seed pipelines with data
  • You can now add a GPU to your Notebook Server easily using the Notebook Manager UI
  • Logout button for Kubeflow

Important Changes

  • This is the first release to support Kubeflow 1.0


  • Allow for passwordless access to Rok from command line
  • Enhanced UX for Kale

Fixed Issues

  • Show user password correctly in MiniKF landing page
  • Make hydration of cloned volume more robust
  • Fix registration of pods with no resources requests
  • Fix a bug where the landing page wouldn’t update the password field