MiniKF 20191204.0.0

December 4, 2019
NEW! Now with Kubeflow 0.7.0 and support for GPUs

New MiniKF release including

  • Kubeflow 0.7
  • Rok 0.14-pre-920-gcd14e5c

New Features

  • Support for NVIDIA GPUs
  • Upgrade Enterprise Kubeflow to 0.7.0
  • Upgrade the Rok data management platform to latest 0.14-pre version
  • Re-design MiniKF landing page
  • Support connecting to K8s in MiniKF directly
  • Convert notebooks to pipelines with Kale
  • Support auto-snapshotting in Kubeflow Pipelines with Rok
  • Improve field validation in the Jupyter web app

Important Changes

  • This is the first release to support Kubeflow 0.7.x
  • This is the first release to support NVIDIA GPUs