Kubeflow 1.0 Update By A Kubeflow Community Product Manager

August 20, 2020
KubeCon Amsterdam 2020 - Kubeflow 1.0 Community Product Manager Update

August 20, 2020 @ KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe Amsterdam 2020

This session will provide a Kubeflow 1.0 Update by a Kubeflow Community Product Manager. The presentation will include a review of the Kubeflow Community and feature development process, the Kubeflow user survey results, and Kubeflow 1.0 features. The talk will highlight significant business benefits and review use cases from top deployments. It will also include a live demonstration of a workflow to build, train and deploy a versioned Kubeflow Pipeline.


Josh Bottom

Josh Bottum

Kubeflow Product Manager and Arrikto Vice President of Community Relations

I am a Kubeflow Community Product Manager and VP at Arrikto. We simplify storage architectures and operations for Kubernetes platforms.

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