Enabling Kubeflow with Enterprise-Grade Auth for On-Prem Deployments

November 19, 2019
Kubecon San Diego - Enabling Kubeflow with Enterprise Grade Authentication On-Premises

November 19, 2019 @ KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2019

Kubeflow is an open source machine learning platform built on Kubernetes. Every service in Kubeflow is implemented either as a Custom Resource Definition (CRD) (e.g., TensorFlow Job) or as a standalone service (e.g., Kubeflow Pipelines).

As enterprises start to adopt Kubeflow, the need for access control, authentication, and authorization is emerging. An enterprise-grade solution to authenticate and authorize on two API layers: Kubernetes APIs and Kubeflow’s stand-alone services APIs. For better adoption, the solution should also integrate seamlessly with existing user management solutions in enterprises, such as LDAP or Active Directory (AD).

We present how we combined open-source, cloud-native technologies to design and implement a flexible, modular solution for enterprise authentication and authorization in Kubeflow. The talk will include a live demo.

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