Developing Kubeflow Pipelines:

Kaggle’s Telco Customer Churn Competition

Nov 16, 2022, 8:30-9:30 PM Pacific Time

Kubeflow familiarity
Beginner to Intermediate

About the Workshop
In this workshop we’ll show how to turn Kaggle’s Telco Customer Churn competition into a Kubeflow Pipeline using the KFP SDK and the Kale JupyterLab extension.

About the Kaggle Competition
Customer churn is a major issue in telecommunications companies. To increase revenue, telcos must both attract new customers and retain existing ones. As a result, big telcos are turning to analytics to determine why their customers are canceling contracts.

In this competition, we will build a customer churn prediction model by effectively analyzing customers’ demographic information, services signed up for, and account information. This solution will assist telcos in developing effective churn prevention strategies as well as increasing their revenue.

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