Developing Kubeflow Pipelines:
Kaggle’s JPX Tokyo Stock Exchange Prediction Competition

Building stock portfolios that predict future returns

Date: August 3, 2022 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Kubeflow familiarity: Beginner to Intermediate

About the Workshop:
In this workshop we’ll show you how to turn Kaggle’s JPX Tokyo Stock Exchange Prediction competition into a Kubeflow Pipeline using the KFP SDK and the Kale JupyterLab extension.

About the Kaggle Competition:
There are plenty of existing quantitative trading efforts used to analyze financial markets and formulate investment strategies. To create and execute such a strategy requires both historical and real-time data, which is difficult to obtain especially for retail investors. This competition will provide financial data for the Japanese market, allowing retail investors to analyze the market to the fullest extent.

This competition compares models against real future returns after the training phase is complete. The competition involves building portfolios from the stocks eligible for predictions (around 2,000 stocks). You have access to financial data from the Japanese market, such as stock information and historical stock prices to train and test models.

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