New Udemy Course: Solve Kaggle’s OpenVaccine Challenge With Kubeflow, Kale and MLOps

Kaggle is an online community of Data Scientists, ML Engineers, and MLOps champions who come together to explore creating models and technical solutions to popular real-world problems. Kaggle competitions focus on finding solutions to these popular problems to advance the collective community’s knowledge and capabilities. These real world problems can be easily solved using Kubeflow with Kale while following established MLOps practices and theories. Udemy is one of the de facto massive open online course communities where these real world problems are explored. We have now contributed our own course to the community – Solve Kaggle’s OpenVaccine Challenge with Kubeflow, Kale and MLOps in Udemy.

Hands-On with Kaggle, Kubeflow and MLOps

You will learn about Kaggle, Kubeflow, MLOps and the relationship as part of the course intro. 

Deploy Kubeflow Environment

To properly appreciate the power of Kubeflow within the context of these Use Cases you must get your hands dirty and we will guide you through deploying Kubeflow with Kubeflow as a Service.

Explore Kaggle Competition Jupyter Notebooks

The Kaggle Competition submission has an associated Jupyter Notebook which you will download and explore to further your education. To truly appreciate the power of Kale you must see it in action therefore you will also compile and run the Kubeflow Pipeline with Kale. 

High Quality Video on MLOps Best Practices

Throughout the course you will deploy Kubeflow using Kubeflow as a Service, explore the Kaggle competition Jupyter Notebook and use Kale to build Kubeflow Pipelines. To make sure you are gaining a soup to nuts perspective we provide high quality video discussions on the MLOps Best Practices you are exploring. 

Snapshotting and Serving!

In addition to the basics of Kaggle, Kubeflow and MLOps, this course features a section on using snapshots and serving models with Jupyter Notebooks in Kubeflow! 

MLOps Utopia

The course ends with a forward looking view of what MLOps utopia looks like at a mature enterprise as well as how Arrikto can help provide that structure.

Next Step

There is only one next step – head over to Udemy and sign up for the new Solve Kaggle OpenVaccine Challenge with Kubeflow, Kale and MLOps course. 

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