Kubeflow 1.1 Community Release Update

September 23, 2020
Kubeflow 1.1 Community Release Update

September, 2020 @ Kubeflow Community Update Call

Josh Bottum, Kubeflow Community Product Manager, leads the community call giving us all an update on the great things that came in Kubeflow 1.1

This includes updates from;

  • Josh Bottum, Arrikto, Kubeflow Product Manager
  • Jinchi He, IBM, Fairing
  • Constantinos Venetsanopoulos, CEO Arrikto
  • Kale Jiaxan Shan, AWS, Training Operators
  • Yuan Gong, Google, Pipelines
  • Andrey Velichkevich, Cisco, Katib
  • Jeff Fogarty, US Bank, CVE Scanning
  • Animesh Singh, IBM, KF Serving
  • Igor Maneshin, AgileStacks, GitOps
  • Clive Cox, Seldon, Serving
  • Willem Pienaar, GoJek, Feast
  • Hamel Husain, GitHub, Kubeflow Blog Posting

You can also read our announcement including details about an update to MiniKF

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