Course Preview: Rok Registry 101

Expanding on our Rok education we are excited to share a preview of our new technical course – Rok Registry 101. The course is media-rich with step-by-step guides for our developer community to practice and grow their skills with the Kubeflow ecosystem. This course is now available in Arrikto Academy. 

Course Certificate

This course has an accompanying certificate which you can trigger and access in the final sections of the course. This certificate is an HTML based certificate and can be shared on any medium of your choosing.

Course Agenda

You will start with the Rok Registry overview and a walkthrough of how to register a rok cluster to the rok registry. Subsequently in the course you will look at publishing and subscribing to a bucket. The working agenda, which is subject to change upon release, is as follows:

Course Release

We released this course recently. Click here to enroll in the course! Once you complete the course, let us know about your learning experience with this course.

What Else We Are Working On 

We are focused on expanding our skills based education programming with new courses focused on: 

  • Serving – how to serve pipeline models that have been executed with Kale and optimized with Katib.
  • Security – how to manage security policies for Kubeflow pods and namespaces supporting Notebook Servers.

What You Should Do Next

About Arrikto

At Arrikto, we are active members of the Kubeflow community having made significant contributions to the latest 1.4 release. Our projects/products include:

  • Kubeflow as a Service is the easiest way to get started with Kubeflow in minutes! It comes with a Free 7-day trial (no credit card required).
  • Enterprise Kubeflow (EKF) is a complete machine learning operations platform that simplifies, accelerates, and secures the machine learning model development life cycle with Kubeflow.
  • Rok is a data management solution for Kubeflow. Rok’s built-in Kubeflow integration simplifies operations and increases performance, while enabling data versioning, packaging, and secure sharing across teams and cloud boundaries.
  • Kale, a workflow tool for Kubeflow, which orchestrates all of Kubeflow’s components seamlessly.

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