Arrikto launches Rok and Rok Registry

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Today, at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018, Arrikto announced the release of two products, Rok and Rok Registry, introducing planet-scale data management. With them, Arrikto now enables seamless collaboration and faster iterations for teams building and running apps on Kubernetes, across any location around the world, on-prem or on the cloud. Update: Visit us at KubeCon Europe 2021!

Arrikto products, Rok and Rok Registry, enable versioning, packaging, distribution, and sharing of code, libs, and data across teams and locations, on-prem or on the cloud. Arrikto empowers you to treat your whole environment the way you currently treat your code.

Rok is a data management platform that allows you to snapshot, version, package, distribute, and clone your full environment along with its data. It is natively integrated with Kubernetes as one of its supported platforms, and is deployed in minutes on an existing cluster, on-prem, or on the cloud.

Rok Registry
Rok Registry is the single pane of glass where you search, discover, and share your data and environments with others. Users create private or public groups on Rok Registry and define fine-grained Access Control Lists. The Registry gives you full control of your data over individual users, locations, and devices, ensuring your sensitive data remains secure. No data actually crosses Rok Registry. The future is decentralized.

Rok for Data Science
Rok and Rok Registry allow Data Scientists to pre-process and develop their models fast, on local infrastructure, then run distributed training on a different location all from inside a single, streamlined, reproducible workflow. No need to re-write code or re-platform the application, when moving between environments. Deploying trained models in multiple devices becomes easy, since collaboration with Data Engineers is seamless, and model distribution extremely efficient.

Rok for Cloud Native Apps
Rok and Rok Registry allow DevOps to run stateful containers over fast, local NVMe storage on-prem or on the cloud, and still be able to snapshot the whole application, along with its data, and distribute it efficiently: across machines of the same cluster, or across clusters running in distinct locations and administrative domains. Fast recovery from node failures with ephemeral storage, CI/CD pipelines that include data, and efficient on-site and off-site backup at multiple locations are now possible.

Rok and Rok Registry are available starting today. For more information, contact us here or get started with MiniKF. You can also read more about MLOps and our MLOps platform before getting started.

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