Arrikto Delivers First Arrikto 101 Training

We are thrilled to announce that we delivered our first Arrikto 101 training to one of our customers on December 7th. With 20+ attendees in the room we ran through a series of demo based discussions around the Kubeflow technology and supporting ecosystem. In addition to the demos and presentation we had a great discussion about the specific customer needs, which we will not expose here for their privacy. The combination of demo facilitated discourse allowed us to dive into key Kubeflow fundamentals while relating these concepts back to the customer’s specific needs. This is the ideal way to do instructor led trainings and we want to extend our thanks to our customer for being the first to do this training with us.

Arrikto 101 Agenda

The Arrikto 101 course focuses on the key technologies that make our additions to Kubeflow truly unique. The agenda we followed is below: 

  1. Introductions
  2. Kubeflow UI
  3. Kubeflow Pipeline Creation w/ Kale
    a. Overview
    b. Demo
  4. Hyperparameter Tuning w/ Katib
    a. Overview
    b. Demo
  5. Snapshot Management w/ Rok
    a. Overview
    b. Demo
  6. Lab Time
  7. Wrap Up

Successful training ensures that students learn relevant concepts by building up from a foundational understanding to more intricate deeper dives. This agenda allowed us to walk our customer through the technologies in the flow in which they are used and prepare them for success in future trainings and with Arrikto overall.

Video Recording

We recorded the presentation for preservation and quick reference in the future, a sample of that recording is below:

How to Schedule 

If you would like to run yourself and your team through one of these Arrikto 101 courses reach out to us via:

We will connect with you to find a 90 to 120 minute time that works for you and your team for the presentation and demo. The hands on labs can be done with an instructor online (for a fee) or on your own time after the training. 

Arrikto Learn Kubeflow Academy

Arrikto offers a skills-based Kubeflow education program via Arrikto’s Learn Kubeflow Academy. (You can also read the announcement blog here.) The entirety of Arrikto 101 is based on the three courses we have live on Arrikto’s Learn Kubeflow Academy. These are available for individuals who prefer a more self service approach to education. The courses on the Arrikto Learn Kubeflow Academy are also a great complement to what is taught in Arrikto 101. The courses are capped off with self-graded labs to ensure skills are being developed and retained.

Free Technical Workshop

Turbocharge your team’s Kubeflow and MLOps skills with a free workshop.