Arrikto Academy: Sharing Certificates & Badges

Arrikto Academy offers certificates and badges for completing courses and exams which you can share on your professional networks. This blog post will walk you through how to share a certificate or badge earned in Arrikto Academy on LinkedIn.

Access Certificate or Badge

When you complete a course or exam in Arrikto Academy you will have access to your certificate from within the course Progress page:

Once on the Progress page you can select View Certificate to see your certificate or badge.

As an alternative you can also access the certificate or badge for the course from your Dashboard.

Review Certificate or Badge Details

In addition to the certificate or badge name there are two important details that you will need to copy and paste when sharing on LinkedIn and they are:

  • Certificate ID Number: the unique identifier for the certificate or badge 
  • Certificate URL: how someone can access and validate the certificate or badge 

LinkedIn Profile Sections

In LinkedIn navigate to your profile and make sure you have the following two sections enabled:

  1. Courses
  2. Licenses and Certifications

Add Course to LinkedIn

To add the course to LinkedIn select the plus (+) sign under Courses or complete the form when selecting Add Courses. Fill out the course title and the position you held when you took the course in Arrikto Academy.

Add Certificate or Badge to LinkedIn

To add the certificate or badge to LinkedIn select the plus (+) sign under Licenses and Certifications or complete the form when selecting Add Licenses and Certifications. The form contains the following details:

  • Name: this is the course name, in this example Kale 101
  • Issuing Organization: this is Arrikto
  • This credential does not expire: check this box for course certificate
    • Note that badges may come with an expiration date
  • Issue Date: when did you earn this certificate or badge
  • Credential ID: this comes from your certificate or badge as identified earlier 
  • Credential URL: this comes from your certificate or badge as identified earlier

Once you have filled out the details select Save to see the new entry on your LinkedIn Profile!

Selecting See credential will take you or anyone else to the public facing certificate or badge page for validation. You have now successfully added your certificate or badge to your LinkedIn Profile. 

Congratulations on all your success, we look forward to partnering with you to further your skills-based Kubeflow education. 

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