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We recently partnered with Appsembler to deliver an enhanced version of Arrikto Academy. Appsembler offers a hosted enterprise solution of the OSS Open edX Learning Management System, which serves as the education platform for the Arrikto community and future technologies in the Kubeflow ecosystem. Appsembler allows Arrikto to mature our course offerings to provide a more robust, interactive and user-friendly education experience. Using Appsembler, we will provide media-rich courses with challenges and hands-on product sandboxes for our developer community to practice and grow their skills with the Kubeflow ecosystem. We have four courses live and are rapidly adding more.

Some improvements we are really excited about are listed below: 

  • Personalized user dashboard 
  • Certificates that can be shared
  • Course progress tracking and saving
  • Improved interactivity, readability, usability and speed

For more information on our skills based approach to education please read this blog: Pioneering Kubeflow Skills Based Education. 

Shareable Certificates 

Completing a course provides you access to an HTML certificate that you can now host on LinkedIn or other mediums to showcase your accomplishments. Certificates highlight the user, the course, and the date of completion:

Personalized User Dashboard

Once logged-in, each user will be given a personalized dashboard where they can customize their account and profile. Within the dashboard, users can view and search their active courses, resume in-progress courses, and access certificates. 

Course Progress Tracking and Saving 

The courses hosted in Appsembler are truly on-demand, meaning that once you are logged in, you can start-and-stop a course with all your progress saved. You can easily pick up where you left off and return to incomplete sections. 

Statement By Appsembler

Appsembler is excited to work with Arrikto to launch an upgraded Arrikto Academy and strengthen their developer marketing initiatives. Tanya Storm, Head of Appsembler’s Customer Success Team, shared that, “Appsembler is excited to work with Arrikto to launch an upgraded Arrikto Academy and strengthen their developer marketing initiatives. Tanya Storm, Head of Appsembler’s Customer Success Team, shared that, “We are thrilled to partner with Arrikto to provide immersive, hands-on learning for their developers and the Kubeflow community. Over the next weeks, our team will work to elevate Arrikto’s developer education experience with improved usability and learner interactivity, sharable certificates, enhanced analytics, and increased speed.” 

What We Are Doing Next

We are focused on expanding our skills based education programming with new courses focused on:

  • Rok Registry – how to use Rok Registry to share Rok snapshots and scale and empower Data Science and Machine Learning Ops teams. 
  • Serving – how to serve pipeline models that have been executed with Kale and optimized with Katib.
  • Security – how to manage security policies for Kubeflow pods and namespaces supporting Notebook Servers.

What You Should Do Next

About Arrikto

At Arrikto, we are active members of the Kubeflow community having made significant contributions to the latest 1.4 release. Our projects/products include:

  • Kubeflow as a Service is the easiest way to get started with Kubeflow in minutes! It comes with a Free 7-day trial (no credit card required).
  • Enterprise Kubeflow (EKF) is a complete machine learning operations platform that simplifies, accelerates, and secures the machine learning model development life cycle with Kubeflow.
  • Rok is a data management solution for Kubeflow. Rok’s built-in Kubeflow integration simplifies operations and increases performance, while enabling data versioning, packaging, and secure sharing across teams and cloud boundaries.
  • Kale, a workflow tool for Kubeflow, which orchestrates all of Kubeflow’s components seamlessly.

About Appsembler

Appsembler is transforming how companies interact with their audiences and unleashes the impact of education to build a more empowered world. Our solutions are driving the world’s knowledge transformation forward by uniting traditional learning experiences with the power of immersive, hands-on environments. Appsembler for Developer Marketing aligns marketing with the developer persona and enables organizations to build hands-on, educational product experiences for its developer community using Appsembler Tahoe and Appsembler Virtual Labs.

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