Kubeflow Summit 2022

The Kubeflow Summit 2022 is dedicated to bringing together Kubeflow users, developers, contributors, data scientists, ML engineers, MLOps professionals and more, who rely on Kubeflow as a product and its community as a critical element to their MLOps workflow.
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Richard Liu
Richard Liu is a Senior Software Engineer at Google Kubernetes Engine. He has been a contributor to Kubeflow since 2018, and the co-author of “Kubeflow for Machine Learning: From Lab to Production” (O’Reilly Media, 2020). Previously he has worked on the ML Platform at Waymo.
Denis Goupil
Denis is co-founder and responsible of the ML platform at Roblox. He has 15 years of consulting and software engineering experience around computer vision. Denis focused the last 6 years on developing tools and platforms helping Data scientists to create machine learning applications.
Denis spends his free time with his family simply enjoying being outside. You will most likely find him at Santa Cruz beaches, on a hiking trail or on a soccer field.
Andreea Munteanu
Andreea Munteanu is MLOps Product Manager at Canonical, the publisher behind Ubuntu. She has been doing data science for over 5 years, in various industries. A free spirit by heart, Andreea geniunely cares about people and enjoys learning from them. You’re very likely to find her outdoors, thinking of some opportunities on how to bring people and technology closer.
Karthik Anantha Padmanabhan
Karthik is the Engineering Manager for the ML Training Infrastructure team at Pinterest. He has worked at the Pinterest on Data and ML systems for over 6 years. Previously he was at Twitter working on scheduling containers with Mesos and Aurora and before that with Sumologic working on Alerting and Dashboards backend.
Joonwon Lee
With the experience of more than 20 years in the IT Industry, I’ve worked in Samsung SDS more than 10 years recently.

  • Master’s degree in the computer science from Seoul National University
  • Graduate of Seoul National University
  • Graduate of Seoul Science High School
Greg Larmore
Greg Larmore is a Machine Learning Engineer, Kubeflow Evangelist, and Pythonista at Maxar Technologies. As a member of the Applied ML (AML) team, he builds software tools used to develop, maintain, and improve ML products at Maxar. Engineering is second only to his love of sushi, and in his lack of free time he enjoys music and volleyball.
Ajay Tyagi
Ajay Tyagi, DKube.IO, San Jose, CA. Ajay has been the customer and evangelist of the DKube product at DKube.IO (owned by One Convergence Inc.) since the concept of DKube over four years ago. Ajay has been with One Convergence Inc. for over four years. Prior to that Ajay held senior marketing and business development positions at data center infrastructure companies like Broadcom, Dell Technologies, and Intel.
Vinay Anantharaman
Vinay Anantharaman – Technical Lead and manager of MLOps at Aurora. He currently develops the infrastructure for ML Training and large scale model inference. Previously he founded a computer vision startup focused on food recognition for consumers. He built out mobile applications utilizing computer vision and the backend systems for model inference.
Sean Sheng
Sean Sheng is the Head of Engineering at BentoML supporting product design, development, and roadmap. Prior to joining, he led engineering teams in the Service Infrastructure org at LinkedIn responsible for building the platform that powers all backend distributed services at LinkedIn.
Johnu George
Johnu George is a staff engineer at Nutanix with a wealth of experience in building production grade cloud native platforms and large scale hybrid data pipelines. He is an Apache PMC member and has steered several industry collaborations on projects like Apache Mnemonic and Knative. He is an early contributor to various Kubeflow projects and currently chairing Kubeflow Training and AutoML Working groups.
Arrikto Kimonas Sotirchos Sortware Engineer
Dominik Fleischmann
Dominik Fleischmann is the engineering manager for the Charmed Kubeflow team in Canonical. He also is the Release Team Manager for the upstream Kubeflow 1.7 release. Dominik has been involved in Open Source for the last 3 and a half year, he started his career as a Software Engineer and has now transitioned towards management. In his free time he loves cooking, boxing and traveling.
Amber Graner
Amber’s open source journey started in 2009 when she started blogging about Ubuntu. Since then she’s written for Ubuntu User Magazine, co-authored The Official Ubuntu Book (6th & 7th edit.) and served as a technical reviewer for Jono Bacon’s Art of Community. She was the first Community Manager for Linaro (Linux on ARM) and went on to help architect and manage the Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation Community where she later became the Operations Director from there she went to Corelight to become the Director of Community for the Zeek Project.  Currently, she is the VP of Community at Arrikto.Amber actively mentors new leaders in open source on how to build their community or project of interest and encourages everyone around her to participate, support, and learn about Kubeflow and Open Source. With a smile and a sense of humor, Amber reminds people that there is a place for everyone in an open source community – regardless of technical skill level (or lack thereof). She is constantly looking for people, places, and events within open source communities that help inspire others to participate actively within those communities.
Arrikto Kimonas Sotirchos Sortware Engineer
Kimonas Sotirchos
Kimonas is a Software Engineer interested in cloud native applications and distributed systems. Loves to work on open source projects, collaborate and develop innovative software as part of a community. Has been one of the core Kubeflow contributors for more than two years with expertise around web apps, K8s Controllers, and the UX required to allow Data Scientists to run their workflows seamlessly on top of Kubernetes
Josh Bottum
Josh Bottum actively supports the Kubeflow Open Source Community as a Community Product Manager. He has worked in that position for the last four years and has helped to deliver twelve major Kubeflow releases. His responsibilities have included running Community meetings, triaging GitHub issues, recruiting code contributors, defining release themes, features and timelines, reviewing documentation and testing results, conducting user surveys, writing blog posts and providing Kubeflow demonstrations.
Jeremy Lewi
Jeremy Lewi is the co-creator of Kubeflow. He most recently worked at Primer.AI building their NLP platform. Prior to that he was at Google Cloud where he worked on the teams that launched Cloud ML Engine and Dataflow. Prior to that he was a member of the YouTube team that won an Emmy for video recommendations. He’s currently working on something new.

Tuesday, Oct 18, 2022

Dedicated to Kubeflow users
Keynote / Panel Discussion
-> David Aronchick, Jeremy Lewi, Kubeflow Project Founders
Presentation slides 

Accelerate ML Model Development for Autonomous Vehicles in Aurora
-> Vinay Anantharaman


Roblox User Story
-> Denis Goupil
Nested Workflows in Kubeflow Pipelines (Lightning Talk)
-> Greg Larmore
Enterprise MLOps using Kubeflow with DKube
-> Ajay Tyagi

Kubeflow for Enterprise – Samsung Case
-> Joonwon Lee


Charmed Kubeflow: a distribution for everybody presented by
-> Andreea Munteanu
Model Monitoring for model trained and served on Kubeflow
-> Subra Ongole
Building an ML Application Platform from the Ground Up
-> Sean Sheng
Serverless Magic for ML Orchestration using Kubeflow
-> Rishit Dagli & Shivay Lamba


Concurrent-AI: A Parallelized AI Execution Engine that brings MLFlow and Kubernetes together
-> Jitendra Nath Pandey & Jagane Sundar


Converting Kaggle Competitions into Kubeflow Pipelines and Open Source Contributions
-> Jimmy Guerrero


Wed, Oct 19, 2022

Dedicated to the operation and administration of the Kubeflow Project and Community
Katib and Training Operator
-> Johnu George
Kubeflow Pipelines
-> Chen Sun
Notebooks WGs and beyond
-> Kimonas Sotirchos
KServe: The State and Future of Cloud Native Model Serving
-> Dan Sun
Manifests WGs and beyond
-> Kimonas Sotirchos

Release Team Update
(1.7 and Roadmap)
-> Dominik Fleischmann

Onboarding New Community Contributions and Growing the community
Amber Graner, Andreea Munteanu

Improving the Kubeflow Project Organization (especially Testing, Documentation, Approvals)
-> Josh Bottum

Day Summary, Open Discussion and Feedback
-> Amber Graner, Josh Bottum


AMA Conference Center San Francisco
55 4th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 United States


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