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How it works

Rok is software that runs on every node of your Kubernetes cluster. It allows your containers to run over super fast local storage, while providing instant clones and snapshots, readily available to any other node, and which you can also share with other Rok installations over a decentralized network.

Rok publishes snapshots by creating links on Rok Registry. Rok Registry is the place where you can search, discover, and share links with others. It runs as a distinct service, with distinct users, independently of Rok.

Create a local Bucket

Take instant snapshots of your containers locally. Group them into collections. We call these collections Buckets.

Publish a local Bucket

Create a link to your Bucket on Rok Registry.

Set Permissions

You can share your Bucket links with specific collaborators, groups of collaborators, everyone, or just yourself! As far as everyone else is concerned your Bucket does not exist.

Search for a Bucket

Search on Rok Registry for the Bucket you want to sync and copy its link.


Go to your Rok and create a new subscribed Bucket by pasting the link you got from Rok Registry.

Let the syncing begin!

Subscribers exchange data among them in a decentralized fashion. As the publisher updates their Bucket with new snapshots, the subscribers automatically sync them.

Spawn your Snapshots

Once a snapshot is synced, you are ready to instantly spawn a container from this snapshot on the target cluster.