New Workshop: From Kubernetes to Kubeflow

Kubeflow is a specialized ML platform that is built for Kubernetes and runs in Kubernetes clusters as a collection of Pods and Operators. Kubeflow harnesses the power of Kubernetes to orchestrate containerized environments allowing enterprises to optimize the path from development to production. Kubeflow provides container images to run ML workloads and IDEs, such as JupyterLab Notebooks. Kubeflow is a Data Scientist obsessed platform that leverages the power of Kubernetes to really improve the Model Development Lifecycle by abstracting away the K8s complexity so Data Scientists can focus on data science. This workshop is for those who are interested in exploring the necessary Kubernetes components to support Kubeflow and how those components are extracted away for your benefit. The agenda is as follows:

  1. Kubeflow Notebooks 
  2. Kubernetes & Kubeflow
  3. Using Notebook Servers in Academy


Kubeflow Notebooks

This workshop will begin with a quick overview and discussion of the importance of Kubeflow Notebooks to Data Scientists and MLOps professionals.

We will also review the different flavors of Notebooks that are available.


Kubeflow Notebook Servers

After an introduction to Kubeflow Notebooks we will take a look under the hood at Kubernetes:

Then we will introduce Kubernetes and start diving into the technology. Along the way we will highlight why and how Kubernetes and the associate components facilitate and support the Kubeflow ecosystem.

After an introduction to Kubernetes we will look at the relationship between Kubernetes and Kubeflow directly:

We will wrap up the whole picture within the context of a Kubeflow Pipeline.

Using Notebook Servers in Academy

We will close out our session with an overview of how to use Notebook Servers in MiniKF to facilitate your own skills-based education in Arrikto Academy.


What You Should Do Next

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About Arrikto

At Arrikto, we are active members of the Kubeflow community having made significant contributions to the latest open source Kubeflow 1.4 release. Our projects/products include:

  • MiniKF, a production-ready, local Kubeflow deployment that installs in minutes, and understands how to downscale your infrastructure 
  • Enterprise Kubeflow (EKF) is a complete machine learning operations platform that simplifies, accelerates, and secures the machine learning model development life cycle with Kubeflow.
  • Rok is a data management solution for Kubeflow. Rok’s built-in Kubeflow integration simplifies operations and increases performance, while enabling data versioning, packaging, and secure sharing across teams and cloud boundaries.
  • Kale, a workflow tool for Kubeflow, which orchestrates all of Kubeflow’s components seamlessly.

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